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Tourism Marketing Specialist Consultant

Eezy Digital Solutions is operated by Chris Corbet, a tourism marketing consultant based in South Africa, who has helped dozens of businesses to refine their digital marketing strategies over the past 17 years and counting. As a marketing industry professional, with an extensive network of industry leading contacts, I can help increase qualified website visitors and convert those visitors into customers, leverage the power of social media, set up & manage Google Adwords campaigns that really work, build world class websites and improve efficiency with readily available cloud solutions.

Travel & Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing Solutions

When it comes to tourism marketing, it starts and ends with a website.  It follows that ensuring that your website is easily found by your potential customers, and perhaps even more importantly, that it’s easy for them to use, should be your top priority. An online presence is an expensive investment, to be cost effective your online marketing strategy needs to be geared towards driving direct bookings to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Embrace Social Media

Using social media for your business offers you a chance to build relationships directly with the people who are looking for, buying and using your products and services. I’ll guide you through the process of establishing a sound social media marketing strategy for your business and show you the available tools that allow you to engage with your past, potential and existing customers. And, if required, I’ll connect you with expert partners to take your social media presence to the next level.

Google Adwords Management

Profit From Google Advertising

Putting your message directly in front of your target audience with paid ads is a powerful technique, and Google AdWords makes it easy to get up and running. However I’ve met numerous advertisers whose good intentions, but limited experience with pay-per-click (PPC) resulted in common, but expensive, mistakes. That’s where I can help, over many years I’ve developed a deep insight into how paid Google advertising can provide a great return on investment.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Convert Visitors to Customers

According to Wikipedia, conversion optimisation is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage. For more than 16 years, I’ve been helping website owners to improve their website usability. During that time I’ve assisted brands, large and small, to integrate digital marketing strategies into their business & convert visitors into customers.

Website Design & Development

Building World Class Websites

Web design & development can be simple or complex, depending on your needs, and because your website is your shop window, especially so in the online tourism arena, it needs to reflect the best of your business. Your site must quickly tell visitors what you offer and allow them to either purchase or enquire. It must work hard to retain their interest, and, an absolute necessity, it has to be compatible with the latest smart phones and tablets, in other words mobile friendly!

Working with the best

I believe in allowing the experts to do what they do best and provide a full spectrum digital marketing consulting service, working with the top experts in their field for optimum results. Close relationships with the very best providers of online services in South Africa & beyond, and many years experience in travel and tourism marketing will be brought to bear for your brand. See me as your digital concierge, managing the entire online process, working with you as a partner rather than a customer. The result, is a website that converts visitors into customers and at a price that won’t break the bank!

My expertise is available, on a consulting, retainer or project basis, to integrate online marketing strategies into your business.

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