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Who are Eezy Digital Solutions, where do they fit in?

I’m Chris Corbet, a digital marketing veteran and entrepreneur who has spent the past 16 years, and counting, helping dozens of online businesses, large and small, with their online strategies. In that time I’ve experienced most of the technical pitfalls and intricacies.

Today I’m helping companies, particularly in the travel industry, to grow, by managing and harnessing their digital assets. My expertise, call me a “digital concierge” if you will, is available to assist business owners improve their online potential by maximising their digital profile.

I Offer:

  • Over 15 years experience running award winning digital agencies
  • An intricate understanding of digital strategy, so you don’t need to
  • No “geek” talk, I speak your language
  • I’ll demystify digital jargon, and teach you to understand it
  • My sole focus is on harnessing technology to improve efficiency in your business


Previously I was the founder and CEO of Synergize Digital, a leading, award winning, full service digital marketing agency.  Acquired in 2013 by the Publicis Groupe and now part of Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa, operating as their digital arm.

Having long had a fascination with technology, the digital space and travel, then starting a company and growing it into a global player, I know first hand the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. Eezy Digital Solutions brings resources and expertise that were previously reserved for only the largest corporations, within reach of even the smallest businesses.

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