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With the amount of online competition, putting your message in front of your target audience with paid advertising is a powerful technique, and Google AdWords makes it easy to get up and running. Unfortunately, just because it’s easy to set up, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to generate a positive return on investment. There are numerous business owners whose good intentions, but limited experience with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising resulted in common, but expensive, mistakes. That’s where I can help, I’ve been managing Adwords campaigns for companies big and small for many years and have a deep insight into how paid Google advertising can provide a great return on investment.

Google Adwords

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with Google Adwords is the most certain way in which to place your business at the top of Google’s search results. With Google AdWords, advertisers “bid” on their preferred keywords, in order for their ads to appear in Google’s search results. The higher your bid, the higher your advert will appear on the page – and all things being equal, higher on the page means more clicks.

There is no cost for appearing on the page, but as soon as somebody clicks on your link your account is charged, the actual cost per click depends on many factors, one of which is the price that you have decided that you are willing to pay somebody to click and visit your website.

Pay Per Click

Sounds easy, why do I need you?

Since advertisers have to pay for each click, this is how Google makes money from search, and Google naturally is more concerned at getting the maximum number of people to click on your advert, even if they are not necessarily going to convert into customers for you. Getting the right people to click on your advert and at the lowest cost per click, is where experience and insight come into play.

As we mentioned earlier, the price you are willing to pay somebody to visit your website is only part of the calculation of where your advert will appear. If the ad isn’t “optimised” it may end up appearing lower down the page than an optimised advert that has a lower maximum bid. And, since you are paying for each visitor that click on your link, it’s vital that each and every one counts.

Adwords Advertising

OK so how can you help me?

We will have a detailed discussion with you so that we really do understand your goals and will build a Google Adwords campaign around your needs. That will include undertaking the necessary research to advise you on a recommended budget, and if your cash flow doesn’t allow for what we suggest, we’ll work with what you have to get maximum bank for your buck.

Once we understand your goals and have agreed on your budget, we’ll get to work creating your Adwords campaign or campaigns. As part of the process we’ll write adverts that are optimised to rank high, cost less and convert more, we’ll also work with your web developer or designer to set up landing pages that are designed to convert visitors into customers. Finally, apart from constant monitoring and fine tuning of your ads, we’ll set up tracking and provide a detailed monthly report showing where the money was spent and the enquiries or purchases that resulted.

Google Advertising

We facilitate the following Adwords services

  • Understanding your online business goals
  • Keyword research
  • Set up and configure Google Adwords account
  • Set up appropriate campaigns, ad groups and adverts
  • Write optimised advert copy
  • Work with your web designers to create optimised landing pages
  • Set up Google Analytics goals for tracking conversions
  • Ongoing monitoring and tweaking of campaigns and adverts
  • Monthly report showing what you spent and clicks that converted to enquiries or sales
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