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It’s not always easy to make the web work for every business, each entity has it’s own unique requirements. Eezy Digital can help you to clearly define your goals and work alongside you as a partner, to build and implement a clear, effective and measurable digital strategy to achieve them.

Travel & Tourism Marketing

When it comes to tourism marketing, it starts and ends with a website.  It follows that ensuring that your website is easily found by your potential customers, and perhaps even more importantly, that it’s easy for them to use, should be your top priority. An online presence is an expensive investment, to be cost effective your online marketing strategy needs to be geared towards driving direct bookings to your website.

Social Media Marketing

With all the social media platforms out there, choosing which ones to use for your business can be a difficult decision. Which platform is most appropriate for your needs? Where are your target audience spending more time on? That’s where social media marketing comes in, we’ll connect you with social media partners who can guide you towards a sound social media strategy. If you prefer to handle your social media in-house, we’ll be on hand to train and guide you every step of the way.

Google Adwords

Putting your message directly in front of your target audience with paid ads is a powerful technique, and Google AdWords makes it easy to get up and running. However I’ve met numerous advertisers whose good intentions, but limited experience with pay-per-click (PPC) resulted in common, but expensive, mistakes. That’s where I can help, over many years I’ve developed a deep insight into how paid Google advertising can provide a great return on investment.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Your website visitor traffic might be excellent, you are ranked well on Google, your PPC is bringing qualified visitors to your site and social media might be performing, but none of it is converting into new business!  That’s where conversion optimisation comes in, by capitalising on visitor traffic that you already have. After all, converting a higher percentage of your current visitors into customers is much more cost effective than attracting new ones!

Website Design & Development

Your website is very often the first thing potential customers experience about your business, it must work hard to engage and retain their interest. Web design & development can be simple or complex, depending on your needs. Because your website is your shop window, it needs to reflect the best of your business. Your site needs to quickly tell visitors what you offer, and easily allow them to either purchase or enquire. An absolute must is that it needs to be mobile friendly and compatible with the latest smart phones and tablets.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing and cloud based business applications are being used more and more in our information-hungry, fast-paced world. Check your email on Gmail; write a document with Google Docs; store and retrieve it on Google Drive; check your cashflow on Google Sheets; and set up a meeting on Google Calendar – all while on the go – in the cloud distance is meaningless!

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If the digital product that you require isn’t listed, don’t worry, contact us, because we have a huge range of expertise in digital, working with the very best in their fields to provide, among others, these products:

Our close relationship, built up over the years, with leading digital marketing companies, opens up access for your business, to the enormous talent that exists in world class, and world beating; search, advertising and creative agencies.


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