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What Is Tourism Marketing?

In the online travel industry, tourism marketing starts and ends with the website.  it follows that ensuring that your site is easily found by your potential customers, and perhaps even more importantly, it’s easy for them to use, should be your top priority.

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How Does It Work?

An online presence is an expensive investment, to be cost effective, your marketing strategy needs to be geared towards driving direct bookings to your website. We’ve found that here are 5 primary considerations when it comes to destination / tourism marketing.

1) Website Design & Development

Your website should be geared to convert visitors into customers, it should be easy to use and visitors should be able to easily submit an enquiry or make a purchase. It goes without saying (or it should) that your website needs to be compatible with the latest smart phones and tablets, since over 60% of web users are browsing your site on mobile devices, right now.

Building a website that converts visitors into customers has more than one aspect, what you see on screen is the website’s design, but the programming and code that makes the site work as it needs to is where a lot of the magic happens. It’s important that this crucial aspect is given as much thought and attention as the more sexy, visible aspect.

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2) Search Engine Optimisation

If your website can’t be found by search engines it’s not going to be operating at maximum efficiency, it’s important to ensure that the site is search engine “friendly” and that an ongoing plan for search engine optimisation (SEO) is in place. Search engine optimisation starts with understanding how people are searching for your business, by analysing the keywords and search terms people are using. Effective SEO drives more traffic to your site, increases your visibility in a crowded online world, and ranks you above your competitors in search results.

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3) Pay Per Click Advertising

With Pay Per Click (also called PPC Advertising), the advertiser (you), pays a fee each time one of their online adverts is clicked. It’s basically a way of buying visitors to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Google AdWords is currently the most popular paid advertising advertising system in the world, ads appear not only on Google’s search engine but also on dozens of other Google properties.

It’s very easy to sign up and create a Google Adwords account, so loads of people have tried it, spent a lot of money for very little gain and subsequently decided that it doesn’t work. But a lot of work goes into building and running a PPC campaign: from researching and selecting the right keywords, to organising those keywords into properly organised campaigns, to setting up landing pages that are optimised for conversions.

Google Adwords is an effective, and if managed properly, affordable way of bringing qualified visitors to your site, quickly, but it’s essential to do it right.

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4) Social Media Marketing

Travellers today are constantly connected, they value the opinions of their friends and other travellers when planning a holiday, more than they value that of the businesses trying to sell them something. An active and effective social media presence is essential on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Using social media in your business lets build relationships directly with the people who are looking for, buying and using your products. It allows you to understand what your customers want, to listen to their concerns and complaints, and build a tribe of ambassadors for your brand.

An added benefit of establishing and curating an active social media profile is that it’s an important element for enhancing your search engine optimisation. A prominent social media profile can contribute to improved search engine rankings.

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5) Website Hosting

The ugly sister to the more interesting marketing stuff. Most website owners take the cheapest hosting option, which isn’t always a good idea. Cheap and nasty can also be insecure (hackers) and unreliable (website downtime). A robust, reliable and secure website hosting environment is an essential component of your online business.

HOW CAN We MEET YOUR Tourism Marketing NEEDS?

We’ve been helping tourism and travel businesses to grow and prosper online for over 15 years. In that time we’ve helped dozens of hotels, safari operators and accommodation providers to grow their profits. Let’s connect and talk about the practical, easily applied ways that we can help implement tourism marketing strategies to convert your website visitors into customers, and increase your profits.


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