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Building websites for business

Your website is often the first thing potential customers experience about your business. It NEEDS to quickly direct visitors to the content that they are seeking, it MUST be easy for them to make contact with you, and it HAS to be compatible with the latest smart phones and tablets, in other words it must be mobile friendly. Do you want them to book a ticket to your event, place an order for one of your products, to simply to contact you? Regardless of how well a website is designed, if it doesn’t perform its core function well, or if it doesn’t display correctly on the end user’s device, you will lose that customer’s attention, and a potential sale.

Custom website design

Developing a website can be either very simple or very complex, depending on your needs. And, because your website is your shop window, it needs to reflect the best of your business.

Website development is about more than aesthetics. What you see on screen is the website’s design. Website development is the nuts and bolts of the site’s functionality. It’s the programming and code that makes the site work as it needs to. That’s where the magic happens.

When developing a website for your business, you need to begin with the end in mind: what do you want to achieve? We recommend a Custom WordPress website if your time and budget allows, but for those on a tighter budget an off-the-shelf template can be an affordable solution.

Once we’ve identified the desired result, we’ll appoint the best people, who understand the web development process, to take your vision and turn it into a reality.

Your order is processing

The web development process is just that: a process. We’ll facilitate the entire process, from determining the scope of the project, appointing skilled developers, and managing the process on your behalf. We will work with the design and development people, mapping out the site into a site map that shows the relationship between all pages and the interaction between each element. The discussion about the website’s design is an important one, we will be working with the designers in parallel as the development process continues. The site’s functionality is tested repeatedly to ensure it’s working as it should, which includes user experience (UX) testing from the start. We can also help negotiate cost-effective maintenance contracts to minimise downtime and maintain the correct functionality.

How can We help you develop a new website?

With our deep insight into the website development process, we work between you and expert web developers, facilitating the process from brief to go-live, using template based CMS systems or custom builds that incorporate current website development trends, programming languages and information architecture techniques. Eezy Digital Solutions facilitates the entire process, making sure your website is designed as you want it and delivered when you need it, and within your budget.

We facilitate the following website development services

  • Web development needs analysis and strategy development
  • Custom WordPress website design & development
  • Information architecture
  • Creative conceptualisation, UX and design
  • Programming and coding
  • Compatibility testing with multiple operating systems and web browsers
  • Mobile friendly; compatible with latest smart phones and tablets
  • Web development project management

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